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...Messinia: Homeland of famous Kalamata olives ...

Lying at the south-westernmost end of the Peloponnese, Messinia an idyllic, fertile, hospitable land, in the words of Euripides, covers an area of 2.991 square kilometres, has 210.000 inhabitants and is administratively distinguished into 6 Municipalities. Messinia is an authentically Greek region, able to cater for every need for quiet or lively holidays. Messinia can satisfy those seeking a short escape, lovers of the mountain or the sea, those seeking a typically relaxing holiday or those who practice alternative forms of tourism. Messinia is equally able to host conferences and athletic events.


The capital of the region is Kalamata, a city immortalised in numerable Greek songs, with an appreciable cultural and commercial activity, the most important harbour of the Peloponnese after Patras. Kalamata has been for centuries a “doorway” of the entire region to the Mediterranean sea. It is also the homeland of “Kalamata olives”, one of the most coveted products worldwide.


The first human presence in Messinia dates from approximately 8.000 years ago. Neolithic sites at many places, the Palace of Nestor in Ancient Pylos, many Mycenaean tombs, the Temple of Epikourios Apollo, Ancient Messini, tens of Byzantine churches and monasteries, the Venetian castles but also the tower-houses of the Messinian Mani, reflect the rich history of the region, which runs through the centuries and is lost in the depths of time.

With soft winters, cool summers, sweet autumns and scented springs, Messinia opens a warm embrace to every visitor each and every day of the year. Mountains with sparse vegetation, wild gorges, endless beaches, rivers, hidden ponds and islets known to very few, but which continue to inspire contemporary Robinson Crusoes… in every corner of Messinia, the nature has prepared endless beautiful surprises for the visitor.

An important part of the tradition of Messinia is the diet of its inhabitants and the way they consume, what is given to them by their fertile land. Many are the local products, mainly agricultural ones, after an initial processing, the most famous being the PDO Kalamata Olives and PDO Olive Oil of Messinia, and many other more or less known. These products have a significant position in the local economy. Our website, besides the local cuisine and the local products has also recorded the local producers, by product, so that you can easily find and contact them to obtain the unique quality products of Messinia.


Here there are all the necessary meetings and conferences facilities (convention centers and conference rooms), the necessary high level hotel infrastructure, the necessary enterprises to organize professional events (travel agencies-DMC) or to support and provide additional services to conference and business tourism in general.

Apart from the various forms of conference and business tourism, Messinia is an ideal environment for the pursuit of alternative forms of tourism. The attractions here are : its morphology, nature, archaeological sites and monuments, museums, historic town centers, traditional villages, the sea surrounding Messinia, which forms not only unique beaches, but also sheltered bays and natural moorings for marine tourism. There are also all the necessary modern facilities for the pursuit of alternative forms of tourism.


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