East Macedonia and Thrace

Ανατολική Μακεδονία και Θράκη / East Macedonia and Thrace
  • Xanthi
  • Kavala - Thassos Island
  • Drama
  • Evros
  • Samothrace Island
  • Located on the northeastern edge of Greece, the region encompasses three prefectures on Thrace and two on Eastern Macedonia. Bestowed with the most hydro-biotopes in Greece protected by the European Union, offers sanctuary to rare and rotected bird species. Read more

    Centeal Macedonia

    Κεντρική Μακεδονία / Central Macedonia
  • Thessaloniki
  • Halkidiki
  • Imathia
  • Kilkis
  • Serres
  • Pella
  • Pieria
  • Go where your dreams take you. Follow the steps of the ancient Macedonians to Vergina with its famed royal tombs; to ancient Pella with its remarkable mosaics; and to Dion, the holy city of the Macedonians. Read more

    West Macedonia

    Δυτική Μακεδονία / West Macedonia
  • Florina
  • Kastoria
  • Grevena
  • Kozani
  • Western Macedonia is a geographically isolated region, a fact that has had a negative impact on the area’s tourist development in contrast to the "sun-sea" pattern that has been dominating the sector for the past years. Nevertheless, recent global trends underline a need to seek something different, something authentic. Read more


    Ήπειρος / Epirus
  • Ioannina
  • Arta
  • Preveza
  • Epirus, also known as the "land of.many bridges", is made up of the prefectures of Arta, Thesprotia, Ioannina and Preveza and occupies the northwestern part of the Greek mainland. A unique area, suffused with contrasting yet unrivalled beauty, which can be experienced in all seasons throughout the year, from winter to summer. Read more


    Θεσσαλία / Thessalia
  • Magnesia
  • Trikala
  • Larissa
  • Karditsa
  • Thessaly, often called the breadbasket of Greece, is a region abundant in unspoilt forests, water areas, archaeological sites, villages with traditional architecture, ancient towns, Byzantine castles, monasteries and old churches. Read more

    Sporades Islands

    Σποράδες / Sporades Islands

    The Sporades Islands group lies off the eastern shore of mainland Greece and consists of Skiathos, Skopelos and Alonnisos. These islands are characterized by dense vegetation and mountainous terrain and are world known as some of the bluest and cleanest seas one will ever come across and experience. Read more

    North Aegean Islands

    Νησιά Βορείου Αιγαίου / North Aegean Islands
  • Lesvos Island
  • Lemnos Island
  • Samos Island
  • Chios Island
  • A place of mythical beauty, the Region of North Aegean combines mountain and sea, forests and rivers, valleys and plains, making it the ideal destination for all forms of alternative tourism. Read more

    Central Greece

    Στερεά Ελλάδα / Central Greece
  • Fokida
  • Fthiotida
  • Evia Island
  • Evritania
  • Aitoloakarnania
  • Central Greece has an abundance of resources that visitors with ecological and cultural interests will find attractive, marked by their wide variety, rareness and distinctiveness, found in areas many of which have already been placed under special protection. Read more

    Ionian Islands

    Νησιά Ιονίου / Ionian Islands
  • Corfu Island
  • Zakynthos Island
  • Kefalonia Island - Ithaca Island
  • Lefkada Island
  • Tracing a ragged line down the west coast of Greece at no more than 30 km from the mainland, the Ionian Islands form an independent group of small and large islands, each with its own distinctive character. They comprise a core group of seven Corfu, Paxi, Antipaxi, Kefalonia, Ithaca, Lefkada and Zakynthos. Read more


    Αττική / Attica

    Named after Athena, goddess of wisdom and knowledge, Athens is generally considered to be the cradle of Western civilisation. Athens became the strongest Greek city-state around 500 BC, entering its Golden Age after emerging victorious from the Persian Wars. Read more

    Saronic Islands

    Νησιά Σαρωνικού / Saronic Islands

    The Gulf of Saronic contains a cluster of small islands that can be fast and easily reached by hydrofoil from the port of Piraeus. Hydra, Spetses, Poros, Aegina, Agistri and Salamina, share many common features such as beautiful beaches, picturesque coastline villages, winding cobblestone streets, romantic sunsets and exciting nightlife. Read more


    Πελοπόννησος / Peloponnese
  • Achaia
  • Arcadia
  • Argolida
  • Corinthia
  • Ilia
  • Laconia
  • Messinia
  • Peloponnese, an entire world that due to its multiform is open to all kinds of holidays all year round. From the peaceful seaside of the Corinthian gulf, to the long hot sandy beaches of the West coast, the charming castles, the mansions and the cottages found into the thick forests, to the rocks of Mani, Peloponnese charms its visitors. Read more

    Cyclades Islands

    Κυκλάδες / Cyclades

    The Cyclades are one of the Greek island groups that constitute the Aegean archipelago, southeast of the mainland Greece. The ancient Greeks called them Kyklades, imagining them as a circle around the sacred island of Delos, the site of the holiest sanctuary to Apollo. Read more

    Dodecanese Islands

    Δωδεκάνησα / Dodekanese
  • Rhodes Island
  • Kos Island
  • Kalymnos Island
  • Karpathos Island
  • Tilos Island
  • The uniqueness of the Dodecanese variety in natural landscape, clean beaches, quaint settlements, historical monuments and modern Greek lifestyle have promoted the area to the most popular international destination in Greece. Read more

    Crete Island

    Κρήτη / Crete
  • Chania
  • Rethymno
  • Heraklion
  • Lasithi
  • Laying at the point where the continents of Europe, Asia and Africa meet, Crete is the fifth largest island in the Mediterranean, crossed by imposing mountain-ranges, strewn with awe-inspiring gorges, featuring thousands of caves and above all blessed with probably the mildest climate in Europe. Read more

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