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             f  o  r     a l t e r n a t i v e   t  o  u  r  i  s  m                                                           5

                     t is with great satisfaction that HELLENIC SUN EDITIONS presents the sixteenth annual edition
                    Ifor 2018 featuring all forms of alternative tourism in Greece.   N            O            T           E
                    Entitled GREECE, THE IDEAL DESTINATION FOR ALTERNATIVE TOURISM "a window to nature
                   a flight to adventure" this edition includes all forms of alternative and thematic tourism activities
                   in our country, in parallel projecting the full spectrum of potential and infrastructure that Greece
                   has and the wealth of choices it offers in order to become an ideal and unique destination for many
                   new forms of tourism.
                    Through separate informational narratives for every region and Geoparks, Greece is presented
                   as an alternative tourism destination, as it offers an endless variety of choices and the opportunity
                   for visitors to take advantage of the country’s diversity endemic in its astounding geographical
                   location and ideal weather conditions.
                    Endowed with an enchanting landscape and the cleanest seas in the world, rich in natural beauty
                   and history, Greece is ideal for holidays close to nature and to civilisation, for adventure travel, hot-
                   spring bath treatment and relaxation.
                    Our country boasts an astonishing variety of ecosystems, mountain masses with magnificent
                   mountain peaks, old forests, marshlands, fertile plains, lakes, rivers that run across picturesque
                   landscapes,  thousands  of  caves,  thousands  of  islands  with  a  mild  climate  and  thousands  of
                   monuments and sites that contribute to its unique biodiversity and potential for attracting waves
                   of tourists with ecological interests, and not only.
                    With this edition we attempted to offer you through individual thematic units the full spectrum
                   of the potential and the infrastructure available in our country to accommodate alternative forms
                   of tourism.
                    Ecotourism, Agrotourism, Geotourism, Cultural Tourism, Congress Tourism, Religious Tourism,
                   Thalas  so the  rapy - Spa, Therapeutic Tourism, Adventure Travel, Sports Tourism, Yachting, Diving,
                   etc, represent some of the categories of alternative tourism greatly emphasized in this publication.
                    The development of alternative tourism is an imperative need for our country, not only for the
                   preservation  of  its  natural  environment,  the  improvement  of  human  living  conditions  and  the
                   development  of  local,  mainly  agricultural,  communities,  but  also  for  the  improvement  and
                   development of the Greek tourism, the prolongation of the tourist period and the attraction of
                   quality tourism with special interests.
                    The holding of great sport, congress and cultural events of great range, with complete success
                   and  security  and  the  impressive  infrastructure  projects  created,  operates  as  a  catalyst  for  the
                   development of many new forms of tourism (Athletic, Congress, Cultural tourism, etc).
                    This edition is intended to promote Greece as an ideal alternative tourism destination. Issued in
                   printed and electronic form for thirteen consecutive years, the publication offers plenty of useful
                   information  on  each  area  in  the  country  separately,  including  its  history,  culture,  natural
                   environment,  contemporary  lifestyle,  infrastructure  and  potential  for  attracting  new  forms  of
                   tourism in a bid to bypass seasonality and one-dimensional tourism development by redefining
                   and upgrading our tourist product.
                    We invite you to a fascinating visit to Greece and we offer you many opportunities to discover its
                   cultural heritage, its rich nature and astounding variety in ecosystems, through the hospitality of
                   traditional  lodgings  throughout  the  country  and  the  presence  of  efficient  professionals  in  the
                   alternative  tourism  sector  with  expertly  designed  tourist  products  that  make  Greece  an  ideal
                   destination. We are expecting you!
                                                             Kostas Konstandaras
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